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- Development of Sites
- Design and Redesign Blog
- Online shops
- Professional Profiles, Facebook and Twitter


WEB Development.


His media company 24hrs.

The Inovated offers website development services to help you plan, create, maintain and market your project and your brand on the web.

Our work includes a lot of creativity, graphic design, information architecture and interactive technology resources, including surveys, newsletters, message boards and more.

We use a combination of various platforms to create pages and systems functional, stylish and with great usability, our pages work in all browsers, it will be proportional to a wider audience.

- Intuitive Layout.
- Allow the visitor to find what he seeks.
- Loading clean.
- Quick Navigation.
- Beauty and elegence pages.

Essa é a nossa filosofia de desenvolvimento WEB.

The Importance of a good job!

How many times have you left the site, or simply did not continue the navigation problems because of slow, takes to open the pages, or even several errors that the site contained

It is very common to find Web sites for this species due to lack of knowledge and technical foundation of responsibility for the work.

We care about the Inovated if all these criteria, at the time of development planning, find all the stages, step by step. Since that language which best fits the scope until the transition effects during navigation.

Here in Inovated amateurs do not accept, nor adventurers, we only have high-level professionals and proven expertise.

All the planning is tailored to each client, to meet exactly the needs demanded by providing a unique and personalized treatment.

picture WEB programmed within the standards of quality.

leverage your business, leave the inovated surprise you!

Our Knowledge:
Web Site Design - From single pages to entire sites.
Multimedia development.
Applications - Java, CSS, ASP, PHP, ASPX, jQuery, XHTML, Flash.
Data integration - Access, dBase, SQL, MySQL.
E-commerce - Online shops with payment via credit card and bank.
Internet Marketing and Advertising.
Web site statistics - Analysis of your website traffic.
Web Site Hosting - Storage of Web sites on a Web server
Domain Name Registration.
E-mail systems company.

help companies with the potential to become successful or more successful.
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Its infrastructure in the hands of those who understand.




Development and redesign of logos, creating visual identities.




Development and structuring of networks, wireless and wired networks.



Web Development

Web Development - Home pages, Websites, blogs.




Protect yourself and your assets, closed-loop system with online streaming in real time.



Data recovery

Recovery of data through high-performance system in a specialized laboratory.



Commercial automation

Your emrpesa regularized with the issuance of invoice.




Software development, according to the size and needs of your business.




Powerful servers to make your business safe and efficient.


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Ethics and commitment We at Inovated, do the future happen.

We only work with materials and equipment of high quality and performance, Inovated prioritizes excellence in service, functionality and total customer satisfaction for us the service is only completed when the customer is satisfied.

About Us We are happy to assist you.

Let Inovated Surprise you, contact us, get our services and prove the benefits that technology can provide.

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E-mail: contato@inovated.com.br