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There is no second chance to make a first impression.
People judge by appearances, if your brand conveys good things, they will trust you and your company .
Design is not cost, is an investment that will surely provide you with returns.


Meet Inovated

Founded in 2011, brings Inovated efficient and quality solutions, we work in IT, Business Intelligence and Outsourcing.
Understand the needs of our customers, points to new strategies, suggest changes in internal processes and lead initiatives, even if not directly projects in the area of information technology.
Our team includes qualified and competent professionals, they are scientists, computer engineers and advertisers that blend with their degrees and experiences acquired during the life prestaão professional services in large organizations as well dequalificações ranging from certification courses to extra-curricular.
Our solutions aims to optimize its resources and reduce costs, our projects are developed tailored to the client, with a broad vision and simplification of the technology.
We bring technology solutions that will change your business in a simple and effective, according to the follow-up, purpose and size Dasu company.
Let Inovated surprise you to know our products, contact one of our consultants!


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Ethics and commitment We at Inovated, do the future happen.

We only work with materials and equipment of high quality and performance, Inovated prioritizes excellence in service, functionality and total customer satisfaction for us the service is only completed when the customer is satisfied.

About Us We are happy to assist you.

Let Inovated Surprise you, contact us, get our services and prove the benefits that technology can provide.

Telephone: +55 11 9358-1595
E-mail: contato@inovated.com.br