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- We perform monthly maintenance contracts in infrastructure
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What is outsourcing?

In other words, outsourcing is the transfer of activities known as through activities and activities never ends (end product) to a third party, as being more focused partnerships, such as more accurate translation.

The hiring of peripheral services aimed at reducing internal costs taking advantage of the "know how" and expertise of outside companies that, in certain specific areas, reveal themselves as the most advantageous option, allowing higher yields, since the contractors employees often earn a salary reduced .

This is because the initial idea to look outside the company, other companies that could provide specialized services, with greater expertise in certain areas so that the hiring company could focus its research and development only in the core business of the organization, obtaining thereby higher quality at lower cost than that which would have to pay to have the same supposed quality using manpower, training and development themselves, has been distorted as to abort the idea of ​​the quality, training and development of the workforce, and focused only on cutting costs at any price.

This distortion made the practitioner of this new online tool to pass to give precisely the quality that gave the system envisioned, so that its cost was cheap and now ends up being a sign of low cost by unskilled workers.

Outsourcing, as a result of increased profitability as evidenced by some companies who use these services has grown significantly over time.
The way it is established has experienced different forms over time. The business model that began to be established based on a simple trade agreement between two entities has evolved to other forms of relationship where the prospect of sharing the cost / benefit ratio has to be present. In certain situations, even if the collaboration has led to new joint projects.

Your technology infrastructure is the backbone of your business.

Unreliable and outdated systems can affect overall performance and put your company at risk.

We decided Inovated of these problems with integrated technology solutions and infrastructure consulting services that are designed to meet your needs.

Our experts are highly trained and certified.

From design to implementation to troubleshooting complex network, The Inovated provides solutions for all your technology needs.

Our consulting services focus on designing and implementing solutions that provide a scalable architecture for distribution with high quality and safety.

The Inovated provides cost-effective customized outsourcing solutions for IT infrastructure for small and medium enterprises. Our skilled staff to provide outsourced IT solutions results in satisfied customers and increased profitability for our customers.

picture Advantages

- Access to new technology and human resources.

- Increased visibility of costs.

- Control and clear objective of schedules.

- Objectivity in the negotiation.

- Transfer the risk of the activity to others

- Access to a more specialized service

- Ability to ignore features that are not justified in some small or medium enterprises;

- Potential gains from economies of scale resulting from the subcontractor may light a cluster of firms, optimizing costs and service

- We work only with quality brands.

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Its infrastructure in the hands of those who understand.




Development and redesign of logos, creating visual identities.




Development and structuring of networks, wireless and wired networks.



Web Development

Web Development - Home pages, Websites, blogs.




Protect yourself and your assets, closed-loop system with online streaming in real time.



Data recovery

Recovery of data through high-performance system in a specialized laboratory.



Commercial automation

Your emrpesa regularized with the issuance of invoice.




Software development, according to the size and needs of your business.




Powerful servers to make your business safe and efficient.


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